Ayurvedic Detox

Detox has become a popular buzz word suggested by many fitness enthusiasts, gym coaches, and social media bloggers. The meaning of Detox is flushing out toxins. Our body has the natural capacity to flush the toxins from our body. But detoxifying externally helps to push your body to flush out the toxins and eventually help in weight loss. This delays your aging and rejuvenates your body by repairing the damages.

Common misconceptions

Your body has a process of the system to eliminate the toxins out. This can be done by liver, kidney, lungs, digestive system. Unless and until the organs are healthy this detox makes purpose. External detox includes vitamins, teas, leafy vegetable diets; all these are just the promoters of your body’s natural detoxification process. And there is no scientific evidence for weight loss connected to detox. By detox, you can eliminate the toxins and there will be a positive change in your appetite, sleeping pattern, activities.

Alcohol intake

The first step of the detox is to keep alcohol aside or limiting the quantity. Alcohol is metabolized in your liver. Your liver enzyme does the process and converts into acetaldehyde- a carcinogen ( cancer-causing agent). As it is a toxin Liver again converts it into acetate and sends out of the body. In the long run this process will affect your liver and reduces its work process. So when you take excess alcohol, the liver concentrates only on metabolizing it and leaves other waste in your body. This continuous process will affect your liver and leads to severe disorders. So to have a proper detoxification system it is necessary to keep a full stop to alcohol.

Sleeping pattern

Sleeping helps you send out toxins from the brain. When you sleep, your brain relaxes and reorganize. It sends out a toxin element called beta-amyloid, which is the main reason for Alzheimer’s disease. To have a proper health it is necessary to have an undisturbed regular 8 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation gives many complications as the toxins are built up regularly and result in stress, anxiety, obesity, diabetes. To improve sleep patterns, it is essential to put the blue light from mobile, computer away before you plan to sleep.

More water

Apart from quenching your thirst water does many essential activities in your body like lubricating, digestion, expel the wastes from the body. Our cells break down nutrients from the food into energy and release waste in the form of carbon dioxide and urea. Water helps in removing this waste by urine, breathe, and, sweat. So it is very important to stay hydrated according to the place you live in. In a normal condition, men need 3.7 liters of water and women need 2.7 liters of water.

Staying away from junk food

Processed food and junk foods are mostly craved by everybody. As it satisfies your taste buds, it brings a negative impact to your health as a gift. This kind of food has more trans fat and saturated foods which are hard to digest. Thus it deposits ass a fatty substance in your cell and causes discomfort to your liver, kidney, and digestive system. Continuous intake leads to more fat deposits and leads to heart diseases, obesity, diabetes. So when you plan to detox you must leave all the junk foods in the store.

Antioxidant-rich food

The free radical cells damage your cell molecules which are suppressed by antioxidants. But exposure to alcohol, smoking, poor diet increased the number of free radicals. It causes a serious illness with heart, asthma, and some type of cancer. So it is necessary to have antioxidant-rich foods to balance your oxidative stress.

Foods with vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e, selenium, lycopene are to be taken more. Berries, nuts, fruits like orange, papaya, vegetables like broccoli, carrot are rich in antioxidants and beverages like coffee and green tea are antioxidant-rich

Salt intake

Having a excess salt intake without having enough water will form excess fluid in your body. This causes bloating and low your frequency of urinating by producing a hormone called antidiuretic hormone. It also makes you gain some pounds and making discomfort. This condition can be only managed by having enough water for a day. Water manages the production of antidiuretic hormone and expels all the toxins in the form of urine and sweat. Also, it is important to have potassium-rich foods like banana, spinach, potatoes, and kidney beans to flush out the excess fluid.


It is important to have a regular work out session in any form like walking, dancing, swimming, etc. Exercise helps in the detox process and it makes us sweat. Regardless of your weight, it is important to stay active. A daily 15 minutes work out is well and good have a healthy body.

With all these suggestions you can enhance your body’s natural detoxification system and support it externally.

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