Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are extra nutrients that are added to the diet to reduce the risks associated with diseases like arthritis, liver-related issues, and other ailments.

It is usually manufactured in form of tablets, capsules, and powder forms. Mostly it is made of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and herbs.

Healthy food is the best option for your vitamin source. But in some cases, the food you take maybe not highly rich with the vitamins your body needs.

So because of this, there will be drawbacks to your body. To manage it doctor prescribes dietary supplements to tackle the vitamin need of your body.
But before you decided on taking dietary supplements, do ask yourself the need for it. Only because of some friends suggesting and because of advertisements it is not needed. Always take doctors’ advice before opting for dietary supplements.

People with age over 50 need an external push for the body's vitamin need. So it is necessary for them to take calcium for their bones and antioxidants for their immunity level.

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