Ear Care

The ear is balancing and supports the hearing system. An ear infection is most prevalent in children than adults.

If you are a parent you surely would have faced earaches with your children and are suggested with more home remedies for the treatment. It is because of the low immunity level with your kids and their ear structure is not well developed to drain off the liquids.

Sometimes even with fever and cold earaches also comes as a common symptom.

Ear infection diagnosis Infection is diagnosed by an otoscope in the eardrum and check for any infection signs. General signs are like red eardrum or bulging inside it. To check the fluid inside the tympanometer is used.

Middle ear infection It is mainly caused by the bacteria from the mouth, nasal passages get settled out in the ear. This infection troubles with the hearing level of the patient also retains fluids and pus behind the eardrum. Generally with this infection fever will be accompanied.

Outer ear infection It is the extension of the eardrum to the outer area of your ear. Inflammation or itchy bumps due to injury or effect of the foreign particles will be present in the outer ear. It becomes inflamed and tender to touch. It causes severe pain and trouble to speak as your whole ear is inflamed.

Treatments Like general infection treatment antibiotics and pain reliever drugs are suggested based on the intensity of the infection present in the ear. The doctor also suggests heat bag treatments. Sometimes with particular dosages and guidelines, antibiotics are suggested to the patients.

Fluid drainage
In some serious conditions, fluid remains in the ear mostly in children can cause serious complications. This will make the recurrence of ear pain and infection. By this procedure fluid, pus and blood get drained out. It helps in treating the infection and improves hearing and reduces inflammation.

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