Eye Care

The eye is a complicated organ that is related to our vision system and comprises of many tiny parts included in it.

Eye infection is a common thing that is faced by almost every human and must be given proper care. Based on which part of the eye the infection lies, treatment is given accordingly. General important areas are the eyelid, cornea, and conjunctiva.

General symptoms of eye infection are

● Eye itching
● Burning
● Sensitivity to light
● Discharge in eyes
● Irritation
● Painful lumps
Types of eye infection

Pink eye

An infection caused by the bacteria or virus or due to cold or flu. It is also caused by a result of allergic reactions. Inflamed conjunctiva is the result of this infection.


A common infection that is caused by the virus or bacteria even from parasites present in water. It is vulnerable to people who wear contact lenses.


A tiny bump or pimple-like structure present in the eyelid or eyelash which is painful.


Bacteria present in the central uvea region of your eye. This causes inflammation and discharges in your eye and highly irritant and itchy.

All these infection or analyses by the doctor with proper analysis of tissue or even a lab test is sometimes recommended. These test helps to sort out the reason behind it. Sometimes even contact lenses are asked to replaced or used on hygiene precautions.

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