Hair Loss & hair care

Healthy hair is all one wishes. But choosing a proper routine for it is always a trouble. There are more confusing advices around us about taking care of your hair.

To oil or not, which shampoo to choose and even there are more choices in the market. Every part of your body is dependent on the diet you take. So your diet must be rich in iron and protein food. Fastest growing cells in your body is the hair cell.

As fast as it grow it is more vulnerable in case of your poor diet. So include 12 mg of iron in your daily diet. You also need rich protein foods to strengthen the hair follicle.
Apart from this proper hair oil and massaging is necessary to nourish your hair. Also in the market we have many varities of shampoo which gives instant results but affects the hair follicles and causes sudden damage because of the sulfate present.

Choose the best herbal composition oil for massaging and a sulfate free hair cleanser. We have our own traditional hair cleansers like shihakai, arappu leaves for our hair care which is been with us for years.

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