Ayurvedic Lehyam

Lehyam is semi-solid herbal mixtures prepared by combining jaggery, herbal extracts, pulps, and powder as a supportive medicine for may chronic illness. It is an ayurvedic herbal jam made of medicated herbs and extracts.
It is usually administered with honey, milk, and even with a supportive treatment with kwath. It is appetizing as it is honey-based or added with jaggery for taste enhancement.

As it is a direct mixture of pulp and extracts it is easily digestible and absorption acts at a faster pace. Sometime kwath (herbal decoction) is added in the making to have maximum effectiveness.

Generally, the shelf life of lehyam is higher than the kwath. Spices like cinnamon and clove are added to promote digestion and act as a natural antacid.

Usually, pulp used in preparation of lehyam is fried in Ghee to bring fat soluble rich nutrients in a single bottle. Widely lehyam is prepared for all respiratory related ailments and also digestive issues. Even it is used in rasayana medicines for anti-ageing benefits.

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