Nervous Disorder

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The nervous system comprises of the complex network made of nerves and cells to pass on signals. It includes both central and peripheral nervous systems which manage all signals and supports your mental health. Mental health refers to your cognitive, emotional, and behavioral healthiness for a happy life. In a nutshell, it is how to react, behave, think about everything in your life. It is important for a person to balance their emotions, work, relationships, and responsibilities.

When balancing you will attain psychological resilience. When this balance is interrupted by external or internal factors you will have an effect on your daily activities, physical health, and mental health. We are facing lots of challenges with mental health globally.

Mental health in India
India had become a global hotspot to mental illness as one in 7 people get affected by any mental illness like depression, anxiety to serious issues like schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder. WHO has coined India as “the most depressing country”.

The main reason behind this is there is no awareness among the society. People do shame and isolate people with mental health issues and make them more prone to various other mental disorders. So these issues need immediate redressal.

Common mental disorders Regardless of their age, gender all the people are vulnerable to mental illness at any time. The main factors involved are biological factors, choice of lifestyle, continuous social, and economic pressure. The most common type of mental illness are,
● Anxiety disorders
● Mood disorders
● Schizophrenia disorders

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