A condition in which the women hormones are imbalance is called Polycystic ovary disease(PCOD)/ Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS). This condition makes women produce a higher amount of male hormones than the normal range. Due to this they will ger irregular menstrual periods and complications to conceive. It is generally a hormonal disorder thus causing the ovaries to develop several collections of follicles(fluid) and irregular egg release from the ovaries.

In India, one in 10 women suffers from this condition due to a lack of awareness. In that 6 are teenage girls and others are of reproductive age.

Causes of PCOS/PCOD

The exact causes are unknown. But the following are the factors that trigger it.

Genes: It is related to your genes as it runs on your families for a longer-term. Studies suggest many genes contribute to this condition.

Insulin: Women with PCOS are resistant to insulin, which means their blood cells are not using their insulin in a full-fledged. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin, that helps your blood cells use sugar from the foods. When the produced insulin is not used, the body demands more; which makes the pancreas produce more insulin to balance. As a result, the ovaries produce more male hormones. Obesity is the main cause of insulin resistance, which in the long run can give you Type 2 Diabetes.

Inflammation: Due to this PCOS condition women suffers from inflammation in their body as the weight increases.

Common symptoms

Signs and symptoms of PCOS are mild even not shown for some women during the starting of the condition. Even many diagnose only when they have trouble getting pregnant.

  • Irregular periods: As healthy eggs are not released, the uterine linings are not shed monthly. So they suffer from irregular periods. Some women will have only 8 or even a lesser number of the menstrual cycles for a year.
  • Heavy Bleeding: As your periods become irregular your uterine lining stacks up and you will be having a heaving period than normal days.
  • Hair growth: As you have an increasing amount of androgen you will be having excess hair growth in your face, neck, chest. This condition is called hirsutism.
  • Women with PCOS face weight gain and feel very hard to shed a few pounds.
  • Due to this condition, your hair gets thin and you will have a sudden hair fall problem.
  • Hyperpigmentation surrounding your nose, neck, under the breast with dark patches.
  • Frequent headache issue


Although sounds normal, this PCOS should be clearly diagnosed and keep track of it to manage the hormones. It causes major complications like,

  • Infertility: When you ovulate you will produce healthy eggs. When there is an issue with the ovulation you will have the same with the latter. PCOS is becoming the major cause of women’s infertility problems.
  • Women with PCOS gain more weight and become obese due to hormonal imbalance. This in turn gives you high Blood pressure, High cholesterol which together called metabolic syndrome. This syndrome makes you more vulnerable to heart disease and diabetes.
  • Trouble in breathing during sleep, and frequent pauses during breathing is called sleep apnea. People with PCOS have a higher risk of sleep apnea.
  • In some women thickened uterine lining can cause endometrial cancer.
  • Increase in depression and anxiety issues


PCOS is diagnosed by a group of tests,

  • Pelvic examining
  • Ultrasound scan
  • Blood test


It is important to maintain a healthy diet. With diet, you can control your weight and menstrual cycle. When you shed some weight you can keep your cholesterol and sugar levels to the bar.

Compulsory work out routine is necessary. There are some acupuncture treatments for PCOS which are theory-based.

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