The thyroid gland is located in the neck region around wind pipe (trachea). There are many glands within our body to take care of many vital bodily functions Thyroid gland releases hormones for taking care of vital functions in our body. Improper functioning of thyroid has serious effect on your body.

Functions of thyroid

Thyroid controls the metabolism activity of your body. It releases hormones T4-throxine and T3-triodothyorine to have a check of metabolism and energy absorption done. The pituitary gland controls the working process of thyroid and checks the level of thyroid hormones released.

Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease is a medical condition that is caused because of the imbalance in the hormone release. If there is a higher release of hormones by the thyroid gland, your body relases and absorbs energy quickly which makes you fatigue. This condition is called hyperthyroidism. On the other side of it when the hormone released is lower the condition is called hypothyroidism. It is indicated by sudden weight gain and intolerable to cold temperature.
Factors related to thyroid

You are more vulnerable to thyroid disease if you have the following:
● Family history of having either type of thyroid disease
● Chronic dideases like
a. Diabetes
b. Arthritis
c. Anemia
● Taking iodine high medications
● Women over the age of 60
Symptoms of thyroid disease
For hyperthyroidism the symptoms include
● Anxiety
● Weight loss
● Trouble sleeping
● Enlarges thyroid gland
● Muscle weakness
● Irregular menstrual cycle
● Vision problems
For hypothyroidism the symptoms are,
● Weight gain
● Memory problems
● Fatigue
● Dry hair
● Heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle
● Intolerance to cold

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